7 Nov 2012
'Al Gharbia 2012 Career Fair' Kicks Off....( more )

4 Oct 2012
In Cooperation With Adnoc - Wrdc Holds A Professional Orientation Workshop ....( more )

7 Sep 2012
Mohammed Bin Azzan Al Mazrouei Named Acting Under ....( more )
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Welcome to the Western Region Development Council (WRDC)'s website. This website serves residents, businesses, visitors and investors wanting to find out more information about our organization, WRDC, and how we can assist you. We aim to provide up to date news and information about the work we do and the latest developments ongoing in Al Gharbia, the Western Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

WRDC plays a key role working closely with the relevant government entities within Abu Dhabi Emirate to improve social development, education, healthcare, and infrastructure for the region. It is also the organization’s role to promote Al Gharbia locally, regionally and internationally to attract investment and tourism. Through this website, we will keep you in the picture about our developments, projects underway, upcoming events, and business, investor and career opportunities.

We also welcome feedback and suggestions from you, the users, on how we can improve this website to serve you better.

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